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... welcome, one and all, to the website of Web Developer and Freelance Programmer : Graham Davies, based in North Wales, UK.

I am 28 years of age and have had a PHP book since the age of 14. I should read it sometime. :) I've been self employed for 9 years, and employed for 4 years.

I specialise in producing dynamic content for websites via PHP and MySQL Database technology.

I have just graduated from University where I have achieved a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering with Honours... *breathe*... degree.

Everything that is produced by behinddesign is custom built and tailored to the needs of the client ...

Please have a wander over to the portfolio section to take a gander at some of the more recent sites that I have been involved with.


... what's new? Well, firstly, there's this site right here: I plan on adding some extra interesting features to the site very soon (As in somewhere between now and the next decade) ...

2010 : Have just launched - a photographer scouring the lands of Africa to bring wonderful pictures of the people/landscapes over there. Also have a project due to be launched for Sony Music. Unfortunately can't go into specifics with that just yet. has just been launched as a collaborate effort between Kevadamson and Behinddesign to allow easy management of subversion systems along with integrated push to ftp or secure ftp. It's been soft launched in beta mode, but give it a whirl! The first of our "personal" projects to show off our expertise!

2009 :, Singsongs, Liverpool Shop, Mercy Online Design Agency Just to name a few

April 2008 : Just finished the new Wombats website. This band is very promising (Playing on the Radio1 Stage in Leeds and Reading Festival), and have a new spliffy website to go with. The site contains a custom built CMS, Integration with facilities such as Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Everything on the site is custom built, from the blog to the galleries ensuring a very snug fit into the design and overall feel of the site.

December 2007 : The davelloydcoaching website is now live - full to the saddle with web2.0 features. Visit the portfolio page for more information on the project ...

So what is it I can do?

I've built custom bespoke Content Management Systems, bespoke online e-commerce systems, open source systems such as Wordpess, Joomla, Drupal and Expression Engine. There's more open source systems which I've had the pleasure of rolling out, so feel free to drop me a line.

Facebook application development is also on my list of can-do's. Whilst the facebook system is continually changing right now due to privacy policy changes, feel free to get in touch for a strategy on overcoming any issues this may bring up for your application.

Pet Projects

Recently I've started using PHP in much more interesting ways, such as building a web spider which trawls the interwebs in search for things, a website uptime monitor which alert users via an iPhone application when things go wrong, and a whole load of "play-ground" applications I write for fun. What has really piqued my interest lately is running PHP in a CLI environment with "threading" capabilities to alleviate bottlenecks in certain scenarios.

Not limited to PHP?

Right now I'm focused on web development, but I've managed to "dip my toes" in quite a few languages, systems and database providers

- Server Management (Linux, Windows)
- Basic security advice and lockdown methods
- iPhone development
- Java, C and at a stretch, C#.

Finally, this site

 Whilst this site was designed to be a stop-gap between something utterly rubbish and something much better, it has stuck. Simply, a painters house is never painted. The plan to get this site redesigned by the chap over at sometime this/next/next next year (I will delete as applicable as time passes)


Don't forget to admire the blinking elephant on the left!